Riders compete in four events — banked slalom (BS), boardercross (SBX), slopestyle (SS), and half pipe (HP). Riders do not need to have any previous competition experience. Comps are held twice each season
banked slalom and boardercross are held on the same day. Boardercross brackets are established based on banked slalom times and the top two riders from each heat continue on to the next race until the final four have competed. Slopestyle comps are usually early and mid-season. Halfpipe comps are usually late in the season depending on weather and when the halfpipe is built.

This is a race on a winding course filled with whoops, rollers, kickers, and banked turns. Your score is based on how fast you can make it to the end.

Four competitors race on the banked slalom course together. The goal is to be the first to finish. The top two riders from each heat advance based on their finish place until the finals are complete.

Riders snowboard down a course with a variety of obstacles including rails, jumps and other terrain park features. Tricks fall mainly into three categories: spins, grinds, and grabs. No flips allowed.

Snowboarding meets skateboarding in this event. Boarders begin at the summit of the halfpipe and perform a series of tricks and jumps as they traverse its length. Rather than being a timed event, competitors are given a score based upon the variety and complexity of tricks attempted, how well they were executed, their use of the half-pipe and the height of their jumps.

Riders are scored individually by a team of judges at each comp. Scores count toward their individual placement and toward their team score if their school has three or more riders in either or both of the girls and boys divisions. Medals are awarded individually and for each girls and boys team per school. Riders qualify for state comps based on scores during season comps. They might quality for one or all four events. Riders new to competition will be scored for simply riding the course in any event and it's better to ride and get a score than to not ride for your school!

State comps take place over five days the second week of March. One day for each event plus a day to practice before it starts. State comps
will be held at Meadows. Practice is Tuesday with comps Wednesday through Saturday and awards Saturday night for all individuals and teams. Riders might qualify for one or all events. Two alternates for each event are also named and may be called to compete. These comps do happen during school days and it's up to riders and their families if they choose to miss school and compete. It's early in the spring semester and most all team members choose to participate in the state comps. Room and board and transportation for state events is not included in season fees.