We are the Eastside Snowboard Team — most of our riders attend Benson, Central Catholic, Cleveland, Franklin, Grant or McDaniel High Schools. We welcome riders who live in those neighborhoods whose school does not have a snowboard team. We are a member of the Metro League which is a part of the OISA (Oregon Interscholastic Snowboard Association). Riders must have some previous experience snowboarding but do not need any experience competing.

Riders train with the team and compete for their own school against other Eastside and Westside schools in the Metro League (Lincoln, Wilson etc.) an average of once a weekend January to early March. Riders who qualify compete against all schools at the State Finals in March. We have professional coaches who teach riders the skills needed to compete. Our coaches have a passion for the sport and fully promote the fun of snowboarding! We strive to maintain a 1:10 ratio of coaches to riders. Competition events include banked slalom, boardercross, slopestyle and halfpipe or minipipe. See Comps for more details.

Mt Hood Meadows. Formal practices start in January and are held Wednesday evenings. Riders board the bus in front of either Grant or Cleveland High School by 2:15-2:30 pm, depart at 2:30 pm and return around 10:00–10:30 pm. Informal practices are sometimes scheduled in December on weekends to give riders an opportunity to meet at Meadows and ride with coaches. Weekend competitions are either Saturday and/or Sunday. Riders board the bus in front of Grant or Cleveland by 6 am and return around 5 pm. Bus details will be communicated prior to the start of the season.

1 or 2 weekend informal practice days, 7–8 mid-week practice evenings, 6 weekend competition days. State finals are held over 5 days, 1 practice day and 4 days of competition, 1 per event. All comps will take place at Meadows. You might qualify for one or all events for state. See
Comps for more details.

Team members are expected to attend all formal practices and compete at all comps unless pre-arranged with head coach. Coaches do their best to make sure riders are comfortable on each event and ready to compete. Riders are expected to ride with coaches during formal practices. Riders need to have some prior snowboarding experience. You must be able to fluidly link turns and keep pace with your group. You do not need any competition experience but you do need to ride confidently and safely. There is a zero-tolerance policy regarding drug/alcohol use. Riders must meet academic eligibility requirements in order to compete at state. Grades will be checked early February. Failure to comply with requirements will result in riders leaving the team.

Our core group of professional coaches are extremely experienced riders who have coached the Eastside team for many seasons. Among the group, they have trained with US National team coaches and have coached riders at the national level. The coaches are focused on keeping it fun, safe, and helping riders improve. The Eastside team has had state champions in all 4 events (banked slalom, boardercross, slopestyle and halfpipe) multiple times across many seasons.

The cost to participate for 2022 was $790/rider plus your season pass. Riders must obtain an All Access Mt Hood Meadows Season Pass. Riders are responsible for their own equipment. Helmets are required. The team fee covers: coaches, buses, insurance, racing fees, league fees, state entry fees (food and lodging not included), a jersey for the season that must be returned and a team hoodie you can keep.

If you want to learn new skills, have fun with coaches and other team members and compete for your school, you should absolutely sign up! You DO need to know how to ride on a general level but DO NOT need competition experience. Coaches will make sure you are comfortable navigating the race and freestyle courses. Riders are expected to compete. If you DO NOT want to compete you should not join the team. Consider using the season to get experience riding and sign up for a weekend school ski bus to get up to the mountain.

A new contact form will be posted here next September for interested and returning riders.

Will open in Oct/Nov 2022 for the 2023 season.