We need a parent chaperone on practice days to ride the bus with the team. You will receive a pass to ride for the evening. You will need to do your usual parent thing — keep track of how many kids are on the bus and make sure the same number get back on the bus to return to Portland. Make sure kids are generally well behaved on the ride up and back. Make sure they know what time to get back on the bus. Plus the usual questions — do you need to use the bathroom before we leave? Do you have all your things? Do you know where to meet the coaches? Do you have your phone? Did you leave any garbage or recycling? Do you know how you're getting home from the bus?

We require parent volunteers all season to make competition possible. Each league is responsible for providing volunteers on the course. You do not have to ski or snowboard to volunteer and you'll receive instruction on what exactly needs to be done. You'll also receive a day pass and a pass to use at a later date unless you already have a season pass. Our team typically has the most riders in the league and we are required to provide a certain number of parent volunteers for comps. If you would prefer to be inside we also need score-keepers in the lodge for the day. You will be given a laptop or can bring your own and you'll be instructed on how to compile and upload scores. Scorekeepers can also get a day pass and pass to use at a later date unless you have a season pass.

Three components are in need of parental help. Comps — on the mountain, same deal as season comps, the league will need help on the course and in the lodge for scoring. Transportation — for all days because there are riders coming and going from Portland to the mountain or lodging to the mountain or back to Portland. Lodging — chaperone kids staying in arranged lodging for state events. Make sure they behave and also cover the basics like getting up and out on time with all their things for comps. Eat meals, bed at a decent hour. Gear hung up to dry. Know how they are getting to/from comps.

We need a group of parents to help manage the team. Roles include team advisor, treasurer, transportation coordinator, volunteer coordinator, and a communications volunteer per school for all school communications and grade checks.


Unfortunately snowboarding is not cheap as you are probably aware. Cost to participate is expensive. The season is limited and so is fundraising. We do not currently have extra funds reserved for scholarships. We would love to have parent volunteers lead fundraising activities that could fund scholarships and/or subsidize team fees. Please email if you would like to take this on.

This is a summary of costs relating to team participation per rider:
: : Mt Hood Meadows All Access Season Pass (price changes annually). All Access is required because comps happen on weekend days.
: : Team fee of $790 for 2022 includes coaching, buses, practices, comps, competition jerseys (must be returned), team hoodies (to keep), and state league fees. Sate food/lodging not included.
: : Your rider will need their own gear and helmets are required. Any of the local shops can set you up with appropriate gear and some have really affordable season rentals.

Please consider volunteering for any or all of the above. It's a fun group of parents who all support our high school snowboarders! Email if you have questions or can help.